• Augmented Tabletop Reality


The environment can be any workplace, we can make anything:

  • It could be a hospital with concierge, waiting-room, wards, carpark, theatre, recovery, clinical discussion rooms. It could be filled with Nurses, Doctors, example good/difficult patients. We can present problems and require the use of typical tools, information, people use to solve issues in the real world.

  • The environment could be a factory/warehouse with carpark, delivery-dock, traffic zone, main-area, office, boardroom. It could be filled with workers, departments, receptionists, receivers. We could present issues involving truck unloading, forklifts, safety, bad consignments, picking|packing, near miss, incident-what to do?

  • The environment could be an office building where you must negotiate departments, procedures, change management and production problems.

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