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Make your business more powerful

Knowledge is power

No matter who your rivals are or what industry you’re competing in.

  • When you know your strengths, you can devise more effective business plans
  • When you know your weaknesses, you can take steps to improve

SKILLastic uses quiz games to test your staff

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Why SKILLastic is a modern solution to an age-old problem

Say you have a big test coming up. You’ll likely get a better result if you study over a long period of time for it, rather than cramming it all in the night before.

That’s because your brain isn’t wired to take in too much information at once.

  • Staff can play games anywhere, anytime, via any device. A quick game is a good game!

  • Staff keep in touch through content alerts. Individual game and content alerts can go by email or SMS.

  • Staff can be filtered by information such as network, department and job role

  • Results can be compared amongst groups, with skill and knowledge gaps standing out.

  • SKILLastic includes instant reporting and a leaderboard.

10 Reasons You’ll Love SKILLastic

  • SKILLastic uses scientific learning and development theory

  • You get to choose the quiz content and other media.

  • SKILLastic delivers entire prebuilt programs or adhoc quizzes at the flow that you choose.

  • It offers detailed levels of reporting.

  • Tracks results in real time.

  • Skill gaps stand out, leader boards and heat maps reveal where knowledge sits in your organisation.

  • SKILLastic runs on phones, tablets and desktops.

  • It’s an app that’s easy to deploy – no app store needed.

  • You can add your own organisation’s branding.

  • SKILLastic’s admin console makes setup and reporting simple.

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