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Videosity Video Platform

Don’t just train your staff with our Videosity platform. Use it in your marketing, sales, communications, recruitment processes and more. It lets you easily:

  • Add interaction into any video, so you can move beyond one-way conversations with your staff and customers
  • Supercharge your viewers’ learning and recall with microlearning activities that your team can watch at their own convenience
  • Collect customer data so you can personalise the experience and report insights
  • Track training against business objectives and KPIs

Achieve Training Platform

Train your team anywhere and at any time, with our Achieve learning experience platform that lets you:

  • Deliver microlearning to your learners on their smartphones at a pace you set
  • Reduce training sessions to 10 minutes
  • Give your learners many opportunities to practise and retain their new knowledge
  • Monitor your learners’ progression in real-time
  • Track training against business objectives and KPIs

SKILLastic Quizzing & Assessing

Identify and plug the skills gaps in your organisation, with our easy-to-use microlearning tool that:

  • Reaches anyone on any device
  • Uses quiz games to assess skill gaps
  • Delivers immediate actionable insights
  • Acts as a continuous workplace knowledge reminder system

KnowledgeStream AI Management

Make your front-line and customer service staff instantly more knowledge with our performance support tool that:

  • Lets your business build a private knowledge base
  • Allows staff to quickly find answers to tricky questions
  • Identifies a human expert for staff to consult if the app doesn’t have the answer

Cutlass Audit Compliance

Simplify and standardise your audit process with our Cutlass audit tool. It’s easy to set up and will:

  • Improve your audit consistency, by teaching the audit standard inside the audit process
  • Let your auditors and their managers monitor progress and see next steps
  • Show instant comparison reports on both the audit and the auditor

TableTop Augmented Reality

An augmented reality work scenario simulation that lets you:

  • Create a simulated training environment where your staff can hone their skills and make mistakes
  • Recreate an environment that would otherwise be scarce, unsafe or expensive
  • Train your staff without them leaving the workplace
  • Make it easy for learners to share, compete and collaborate

HyperGaze Virtual Reality

A virtual reality tool that lets you:

  • Simulate real-world scenarios
  • Train your staff in environments they wouldn’t otherwise be able to access
  • Train your staff without them leaving the workplace

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